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Our Workshop

Our own in-house workshop means a better

and quicker service!

You would like your eyewear to always look and feel as good as the day you purchased it. Unfortunately, accidents happen and daily wear will inevitably take its toll. Having our own workshop means that we can quickly make minor adjustments to your frames. Whether it’s replacing a nose pad, screw or remoulding a frame that is twisted, we can usually return your repaired frame in no time whatsoever, and of course, we try to make them look as good as new. In most cases, repairs can be done while you wait.

monoptics workshop
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“Our own workshop enables us to prepare and repair glasses quickly and our patients really appreciate the quick turnaround

Shine Gonzalvez – Optometrist

Using our specialist cutting equipment, your lenses are usually cut to
your chosen frame in our workshop. This gives us more flexibility in making spectacles that are needed urgently.