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Customer Feedback

Our Form

Customer feedback is something we relish at Monoptics and we understand that it is the only way to keep improving our service. Please complete the form below, using the ratings from  1 (lowest) to 5 (highest) and it will be sent to us anonymously for review.

    Were the staff members well presented, tidy and professional looking?

    Warm friendly and welcoming?

    Was the Optometrist well presented, tidy and professional looking?

    Was the Optometrist warm, friendly and welcoming?

    Did you feel the test was thorough?

    Were all your questions addressed?

    Did the Optical assistant discuss frames and lenses fully?

    Did you feel rushed at any time?

    Overall, how happy were you with the level of service you received?

    How likely is it that you would recommend Monoptics to a friend or colleague?