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Eye Exams

Monoptics can offer a personal, tailored service to our clients from start to finish

As an independent practice, we can really take the time to understand any issues or worries you may have and offer a truly personal service. The health of your eyes is an important part of your general well being. This is why you will be taken through every step with our highly experienced staff. The eye examination will take approximately 25 – 35 minutes and during this time the optometrist will discuss all aspects concerning your vision. This will include general concerns, symptoms, work and lifestyle issues.

The more information a patient gives us the better service we can provide. However, if a patient is a young child or suffers from particular cognitive problems, we have specialised equipment that can identify problems without the need for patient feedback. These include procedures such as automated tonometry and refracting in addition to fundus photography. If there is a history of Glaucoma in the family it is very important that this is checked out and kept under observation. We can do this through various techniques.

eye exams
eye examinations
children's eye exams

“I have worked in many practices over the years but have found that now at Monoptics being an independent I can spend all the time I need with my patients.”

Shine Gonzalvez – Optometrist

Following a thorough examination, our staff will advise you on all the possible options and the way to proceed. This may include spectacles and / or different types of contact lenses . If you have any questions or concerns this is the time to discuss them with the optometrist

We are aware that some people may feel anxious about having their eyes tested and that is why we make a special effort to train all our staff to make your visit a stress free and YES enjoyable experience.

If a referral is needed to an Ophthalmologist, we will take you through every step necessary to make sure you are seen by the appropriate specialist.